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NEPA George Osawa
01 mei 2002
FROM THE DESK OF: George Osawa

I am the Chairman Contract Review Committee of National Electric
Power Authority (NEPA).
Although this proposal might come to you as a surprise since it is
coming from someone you do not know or ever seen before, but
after due deliberations with my colleagues, I decided to contact you
based on Intuition.

We are soliciting for your humble and confidential assistance to take
custody of Thity -five Million United States Dollars.
{US$35,000,000.00}. This sum (US$35M) is an over invoice
contract sum which is currently in an offshore payment
account of the Central Bank of Nigeria as an unclaimed contract
entitlement which can easily be withdrawn or drafted or
pay to any recommended beneficiary by my committee.
On this note, you will be presented as a contractor to NEPA who
has executed a contract to a tune of the above sum and has not
been paid.

Proposed Sharing Pattern (%):

1. 70% for my colleagues. and me

2. 20% for you as a partner/fronting for us.

3. 10% for expenses that may be incurred by both parties during the
cause of this transaction.

Our law prohibits a civil servant from operating a foreign account,
hence we are contacting you.If this proposal satisfies you, do
respond as soon as possible by giving me a call on the number above
with the following information:
1. The name you wish to use as the beneficiary of the fund.
2. Your Confidential Phone and Fax Numbers.

Further discussion will be centered on how the fund shall be transfer
and full details on how to accomplish this great opportunity of ours.

Thank you.

Best regards,

George Osawa

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