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Letter from Russia hoax
23 december 2003
Dear Friend,

Please excuse me for any inconvience caused by this message.

My name is Valentin. I'm a student and I live with my mother in the city
of Kaluga, Russia. My mother is invalid. She cannot see and she receives
pension from the government very rare which is not enough even for

I work very hard every day to be able to take care of my mother, but my
salary is very small, because my studies still not finished.

Due to the crisis our authorities recently stoped gas in our district and
now we cannot heat our home. I don't know what to do, because the winter is
coming and the temperature in the street can be lower than minus 20 degrees
Celsius. I'm very afraid that the temperature inside our home can be very
cold and we will not be able to survive.

Thanks to the internet access at our local library I was able to find
several e-mail addresses, including yours, and I decided to appeal to you
with a prayer in my heart for a small help.

If you have any old electric heater, high-calories food, vitamins,
medicine against cold, any hygiene-products, I will be very grateful to you
if you could send it to our postal address which is:

Valentin Mihailin,
Ryleeva Street, 6-45.
Kaluga. 248030,

If you think that it would be better or easier for you to help with some
money, please write me back and I will give you details for sending it
safely if you agree. This way to help is very good because the necessities
here are not very expensive.

I hope to hear from you very soon and I pray that you will be able to help
us to survive this winter. I also hope very much that this hard situation
will get better very soon in our country.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2004. I'm sending to you
many thanks in advance for your kind understanding. Please excuse me, once
more, for any inconvience I could cause you by sending this message.

God Bless You

Valentin and my mother Elena.
Kaluga. Russia.


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